Sports Performance Class Syllabus

Course Description

Sports Performance is designed to improve a student’s total physical fitness. We will work on Upper Body Strength, Lower Body Strength, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance, along with Agility & Speed Training. Proper nutrition and health are emphasized and encouraged. Students will be longitudinally assessed on all components of fitness.



Students will participate in a variety of fitness activities, including calisthenics, running, plyometrics, circuit training, team and individual exercises. Students will also develop skill-related fitness, such as speed, power, reaction time, and agility, which will enhance overall fitness. Students are expected to fully participate in every activity, to challenge themselves physically, display teamwork & camaraderie, and to give their best effort at all times.


Required Materials

  1. Athletic Workout Gear
    • Shorts ONLY (NO Volleyball Spandex)
    • Sleeveless, Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve Shirts (NO RIPS or TEARS)
  2. Appropriate Athletic Shoes (NO OPEN TOED)


Preparation and Attendance:

You must be dressed and at roll call 5 minutes after the tardy bell rings. Roll is also taken at the beginning and end of the period.


Daily Points:

In this class there is a possibility of 30 total daily points available.

10 Points = Dressing out in appropriate class wear.

10 Points = Participation & Completion of Workout

10 Points = BEHAVIOR & following class policies


What to do if you are ill:

You may be excused from activity for TWO classes with a parent note and phone number. You will lose points for the days you missed, but will be able to make them up. For illnesses and injuries lasting longer than two days, you must provide a doctor’s (or health provider’s) note or a note from the school nurse.


Absences and illnesses or injuries:

All non-participation days must be made up. If you miss class because you are participating in a sport or school activity, classes must be made up within allotted time. Class cuts cannot be made up.


Lockers and Locks:

The P.E. dept. will issue you a lock. Do not take it out of the locker room. For lost locks there is a $5-dollar charge. DO NOT SHARE YOUR COMBINATION WITH ANYONE. Neither the teacher nor the school is responsible for missing, stolen, or lost items from the locker room, the gym, or the fields. Lock up purses, backpacks, school clothing or anything you bring to Physical Education.


Please bring water to class. No other sports drinks, sodas, energy drinks or food is permitted. If I see an energy drink, I will take it away.


NO CELL PHONES, iPods or similar devices permitted to be visible or used during class.

If seen, they will be taken to the front office